Used Mobile Home In Texas Lowest Pricing

Used mobile home in Texas are selling at a premium these days.  Used mobile homes are selling so well in Texas because of the oil and gas drilling that is taking place in the state.

There are no homes out in the west Texas desert, so the workers out there do not have places to live.  Buying a used mobile home in Texas is, therefore, important for them.

The Best Way To Find A Used Mobile Home In Texas

If you want to buy a used mobile home in Texas, 181 South Homes in San Antonio, Boerne and Floresville is the largest dealer in used mobile homes in Texas.  We have hundreds us used Texas mobile homes, from well-worn models that need fixer-upper skills, to like-new used mobile homes that are ready to live in immediately.  Come get your used mobile home!  We have them and we are ready to deal with you on these used mobile homes.

What To Look For In A Used Mobile Home In Texas

In one of these used double wide Texas mobile homes, you want to look for good steel frames underneath.  Make sure there is no bent steel underneath.  Used mobile homes for sale in Texas are often in pretty good shape.  Our weather here is good, the roads are good, and people have common sense when these homes are delivered and set up.

Another area to inspect when purchasing a used mobile home in Texas is the roof and the siding.  You want the roof shingles to be in good condition, and not rotten or missing.  Expect the shingles to be worn, because you are looking at a used mobile home for sale.  Used can often be called “old and busted”, so we at 181 South Homes are very careful when we select the used mobile homes in Texas to buy from owners selling them.

Delivery and Set Up of New & Used Mobile Homes in Texas

Delivery and Setup of used mobile homes in Texas is regulated by the State of Texas.  Used mobile home deliveries are fully inspected by a licensed State inspector, so you can be comfortable knowing that a licensed inspector has inspected the delivery and setup of your used mobile home in Texas.  Your home, though used, will be delivered and set up level, with all steel tie-downs installed so that your home remains stable and sound, even in the worst of weather events.

How To Sell A Used Mobile Home In Texas

Selling your used mobile home in Texas is easy.  Just phone us and we will give you a quote over the phone.  If you can send us photos of your used mobile home in Texas, that will be even better.  And we understand that it might be very used, but you can be sure that there is a buyer out there for your used mobile home.  Texas has a great need for housing these days, and used mobile homes are in demand.  Don’t expect to make a killing on it, because there are a LOT of used mobile homes for sale in Texas, but because we are the states top buyer of used mobile homes, we know what we are doing and will give you the best offer on it.

Used Mobile Home In Texas

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